Parks, Golf & Landscaping

Parks, Golf, & Domestic Gardens


Irrigation Tasmania is synonymous with design and construction of systems for domestic irrigation, as well as for golf course, parks, ovals and race courses. We design and install the latest technology in computer controlled water management systems allowing total control of the watering system from the touch of a button. Remote monitoring and moisture sensing are readily available to provide useful management tools when deciding watering requirements. Our qualified staff can provide scheduling options along with duel head irrigation systems to conserve water at particular times of the year. The company provides after sales service and maintenance, as well as carry a large range of spare parts.

Parks, Golf & Landscaping
Parks, Golf & Landscaping


Bowling club systems are designed for automatic system control, allowing nighttime irrigation if required.

Where the town water supply pressure is less than required a booster pump is used.

It is vital the sprinklers have a sufficiently high pressure reducing droplet size, giving a gentle irrigation application ensuring minimum disturbance to the fine turf surface.


An automated irrigation system at your home or business will not only add value to the property, but also save you time and water. Irrigation Tasmania has vast experience in the design and installation of domestic irrigation systems for commercial and residential properties, and can tailor a system to suit your needs. We specialize in water efficient pop-up sprinkler systems, drip systems and micro irrigation systems to keep your garden looking great with minimal water waste.

Parks, Golf & Landscaping
Parks, Golf & Landscaping


Pop-up sprinkler systems are positioned for head to head coverage to ensure uniformity in all weather conditions.  Control systems range from simple manual operation to the latest technology using sensors and 2-wire control systems. Irrigation Tasmania offer specialist knowledge to design a quality, water efficient pumping and irrigation system to suit the individual course requirement.


Race Tracks – Pop up Sprinklers are selected to suit varying race track widths but still apply a uniform application.  Varying degrees of control are used from basic to more sophisticated systems, all tailor made to meet your requirements.

Grey Hound Tracks – A very gentle application is used to ensure uniform watering without causing erosion marks on the track.  To protect the dog’s feet it is vital there are no dry patches on the racing surface.  Inspection of site and consultation will ensure the best possible result.

Parks, Golf & Landscaping
Parks, Golf & Landscaping


Heavy duty Pop Up Sprinklers are used on recreation and sporting grounds. These are spaced to provide uniform coverage and safety for players.  Normally, controllers are used for night time irrigation. These sprinklers are distinct from garden type sprinklers and designed to stand the rigors of football and other sports.


High School Oval-4Scope:
With our technical assistance, water from two on property springs has been trapped and channeled into a holding tank for oval irrigation

Burnie High School has developed its new oval to normal football ground dimensions.

A multi stage pump for maximum energy efficiency, supplies water from the tank to the special sports oval sprinklers, which are designed for maximum safety making it High School Oval-2virtually impossible for player injury, a problem that was common with some older sprinkler types. A controller operates the sprinklers at night and can be adjusted to suit soil type and weather conditions.
This project is a classic example of utilising resources to the maximum.