Tasmania has a vibrant mining industry predominately located on the west coast of Tasmania, with gold, tin, cooper and iron ore just some of the metals extracted from this area and shipped all over the world. Irrigation Tasmania offers services to the mining and associated sectors with our specialised mining irrigation division. We are extremely proud to be associated with these mines and conduct business with them on a daily basis. This includes providing various services such as fittings supply, polythene pipe welding, dewatering, and new pump station installation. Hiring of equipment is also a major part of business structure. Our depth and experience in our personnel provides our clients with assurance that any service or equipment requirements will be fulfilled at every level.


Environmental Water Management

Irrigation Tasmania can supply total water management for your site so all your solutions are covered. From dust suppression systems, designing specialized pipelines and water reticulation devices to tailings dam pipe lines and poly lining, we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

Irrigation Tasmania provides installation services for a range of products, with applications in mining, civil and construction environments.

Pipes and Fittings

Irrigation Tasmania supplies complete pipe systems and solutions comprising of pvc, poly and steel products from national and international suppliers.  These pipe and fitting systems are used in a broad cross-section of markets such as plumbing, water supply, sewerage and wastewater, stormwater and drainage, mining, industrial, rural, irrigation, electrical, telecommunications and gas.  We offer a broad stock range and can design, supply, install and commission any pipe and fitting system to meet your requirements.


Pumping Systems

Irrigation Tasmania supplies a wide range of stainless steel and cast iron centrifugal, submersible and multi-stage pumps and pump sets providing numerous solutions for mining and industrial applications. 

  • Mining pumps for solids handling, slurry, dewatering, wastewater and effluent removal. 
  • Contracting pumps for construction industry applications such as solids handling, slurry, dewatering, wastewater and effluent removal.  Industrial process pumps for washing, solids handling, fluids handling, wastewater and effluent removal. 
  • Civil and municipal pumps for subdivisions or building projects, sewage and sewage by-pass applications.  Pressure boosting pumps for municipal, civil, domestic or irrigation pressure boosting applications.  Variable speed drives (VSDs) for pump control. 
  • Fire fighting and sprinkler pumps for small farms through to full-sized building projects. 
  • Drainage, wastewater and sewage pumps for any drainage or wastewater application.  
  • Boiler feed pumps for any boiler feed application operating in temperatures up to 140°C. 
  • Submersible potable water pumps for delivering potable water.  Customised options available for unique applications and conditions are also available.

Case Studies

Decant Pipe Line oct-4
Welding and joining of large diameter HDPE poly pipe lines for tailings dam water dis-charge. Project involved butt welding approx. 700mtrs of 1000mm poly pipe and 500mtrs of 500mm poly pipe. Once in-stalled, pipe lines will enable the discharge of all water from dam.

Large Copper Mine
West Coast of Tasmania

Irrigation Tasmania were contracted to supply all equipment, certified personnel and expertise for the joining of 1000mm and 500mm HDPE pipe lines. A 1200mm butt welding machine was used for the 1000mm pipe work. The 5 week project was completed on time and on budget.