Irrigation Tasmania has a specialised industrial irrigation division in  pumping, piping and filtration services.  Qualified staff can deliver turn key solutions including design services. Our commitment and management systems towards the environment ensure that the highest possible environmental standards are achieved at all times. Trained field technicians are regularly updated with the latest regulations to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our comprehensive work shop and field service vehicles provide 24 hour after sales service – we service all makes and brands of pumps and equipment to keep industry in operation.  Maintenance scheduling of a new or existing systems can be tailored to meet the desired outcomes. Large stocking levels provide comfort to our clients minimising down time when the situation arises.



Irrigation Tasmania can supply a wide range of stainless steel and cast iron centrifugal, submersible and multi-stage pumps and pump sets providing numerous solutions for aquaculture applications.
We offer the latest in technology and design expertise to solve the most challenging requirements of fluid control and application in the industry. Customised options for unique applications and conditions are also available.
Irrigation Tasmania can also offer complete pipe systems and solutions comprising of Poly and PVC products backed up the with ability to supply a complete poly welding package including butt and electrofusion welding along with fabricating pipes and fittings. We offer all these services in house or on site to meet your requirements.


We provide a one stop shop for customers who require advice/information and installation of electrical infrastructure for pump sheds/stations, pivots/linears, dairies and industrial electrical installations.  We specialise in electrical break downs, motor control and protection providing a 24 hour 7 day service coverage.

The electrical department has installed some major installations ranging from domestic applications to large complex multi pump and variable speed pump projects.  We were also engaged in the installation of the electrical infrastructure watering system for the Tasman Park race course at Mowbray.


Vast experience with the ability to service existing motor control equipment, to state of the art direct inline, star/delta, soft starters and variable speed drives.

Case Studies

Food Processing Filtration System dec-3Scope:
Although most potable water supplied by local water authorities in Tasmania have to adhere to strict quality guidelines, often small particles’ of scale and sediment are dislodged when water supply lines are flushed and although usually harmless, these impurities can find their way into the water supply. Processors in the Food and Dairy industries want to insure that potable water entering their processing plants are free of even the smallest of particulate matter and often install their own Filtration and Disinfection systems for extra insurance.

Frozen foods processor in the North-West Tasmania

IIrrigation Tasmania has just recently manufactured and supplied two multi bag filters ofFood Processing Filtration System dec-2 10micron filtration and capable of filtering 250,000 liters of potable water per hour to a local frozen foods processor in the North-West of the state. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel the manifold system connects the two Multi-Bag filters in parallel and by adjusting the valve system, the Multi-Bag Filters can operate as single units to insure uninterrupted flow, if one filter needs servicing, or can both be online at the same time. This system has given our client the added insurance that whatever pa
rticle matter enters their main water supply, their processing water will always be cleaned to the high standard they demand.