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Irrigation Tasmania provides a comprehensive water application service to the rural community with a fully integrated package incorporating system design, costing, supply, fabrication of components, system control, installation and enviable back up and break down service through a team of dedicated employees.

Systems include washdown, stock water, effluent, water transfer, domestic and irrigation including drip, solid set, K-Line pods, lateral, pivot, linear, soft and hard hose irrigators.

See our agricultural irrigation solutions below, or jump straight to some case studies to read some real life success stories:

Agriculture & Finance
Agriculture & Finance


Irrigation Tasmania supplies a wide range of irrigation equipment. Solid set Irrigation will apply water at 3 ½ – 4 mm per hour ensuring maximum penetration and eliminating run off.  The result is usually a heavier crop and once set up for the season it has a low labour requirement.  Less water used to achieve a better result.

Hard and Soft Hose irrigators are comparatively economical for larger areas.  Not as efficient as solid set but less expensive.  By using appropriate nozzle size to suit soil and crop type, run off can be reduced to a minimum. Centre Pivots and Linear irrigators will cover large cropping areas with low pressure and labour requirements, they provide adjustable application rates to suit the crop requirements, evaporation rates, soil type etc. Low labour requirements and low maintenance, with easy to use automation provided via computer control – with options of remote control (i.e start / stop) and monitoring.


By ensuring cows have water available when they are ready and don’t have to wait for troughs to fill, production can be increased dramatically.  Correct selection of pump and pipe line to achieve this requirement is vital.  As well as using top equipment it is often necessary to fine tune equipment to give the best results for your needs.  This prevents excessive cycling of the pump, giving it a longer life and cheaper running costs.

Wash Down Systems– For dairies and yards.  Various flows and pressure are used to suit each situation. We visit the property and tailor make the system to meet individual needs.

Agriculture & Finance
Agriculture & Finance


While beef cattle and sheep will survive even if the water supply is less than adequate, they will produce much better and gain weight more quickly if the water trough is kept full.  We design our systems to suit each property requirement.   By correct pump selection and fine tuning of the pressure switch settings, the life of the system is extended and running costs are reduced.

Our experienced technical people in the trade ensure each system is designed with maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance in mind.  Our service team will ensure systems are correctly installed and maintained, this can increase the useful life of the system dramatically.


Hot Houses – Overhead Sprinklers are spaced to provide uniform irrigation to keep flower stems at a uniform height.  Once the crop has established a strong root system, drip lines can be used reducing the risk of fungal disease.  Both temperature and humidity control are adjustable to provide the optimum growing climate for each crop.  Absolute accuracy of water application is vital to the commercial success of the operation.  Heating can be achieved with hot water circulating pumps.

Hydroponics – Pumps, pipe work, pot drippers are all designed for reliable and uniform application. Fully automatic filtration is installed as required.

Filtration – Either manual flush systems or automatic back flush systems are used and selected to suit various water types.  Good filtration is vital for the success of any micro irrigation system.  A variety of filtration types are used depending on each individual requirement. 

Agriculture & Finance
Agriculture & Finance


Pressure regulated drip lines with built in trellis clips are mostly used for irrigation of vines.  Filtration is critical if the water source is from a stream or dam.  Frost protection systems are designed after a study of temperatures in the area. 

Orchards and berry fruit – both micro sprinkler systems and pressure regulated drip lines are available.  Only the best quality sprinklers, drip lines and filtration equipment are used.  After visiting the property and discussing the requirements, the system is designed to ensure the best possible result.  Uniformity of water application is vital to the success of the crop.


Irrigation Tasmania now offers 100% Irrigation Finance through Ruralco Finance. Irrigation Finance covers all things irrigation, whether it be pivots, hard hose irrigators, filtration systems, pumps or pipes.

  • Up to $250K – No financial information needed
  • Simple Application – fast approval
  • Up to 7 years finance

Ruralco Finance is a specialist financial solutions provider with extensive expertise in the rural finance market. As a licensed finance brokerage company with direct accreditation with all major national lending institutions, Ruralco Finance Specialists can source and tailor finance packages to meet a broad range of business and personal needs.

For more information regarding Irrigation Finance contact the Ruralco Finance Specialist below.

RURALCO FINANCE – Scott Smith – Mobile: 0439 260 689 –

DLL TEAM – Greg Crawford     Mobile : 0419 691 876, Scott Maxwell     Mobile: 0447 294 216, Tony Tarulli     Mobile: 0448 085 843

Ruralco Flexi Finance is provided be De Lage Landen Pty Limited ABN 20 101 692 040 (DLL). Available to approved ABN holders for business purposes only. Credit criteria, terms, conditions and eligibility apply.

Agriculture & Finance

Case Studies

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A cropping client for whom we recently installed a Pivot system on a square block , asked if we could recommend a way of irrigating the triangular areas in the corners which the pivot did not cover. We visited the site and, after establishing that our client wished to produce vegetables on a rotational row crop basis, we designed a solid set system which can be operated simultaneously with his pivot whilst allowing the flexibility of being able to move the system from site to site.

Results:Corner are - hadspen
With solid set there is no ongoing labour costs associated with shifting sprinklers for the duration of the crop and is a very cost effective method of water application, producing a very precise and even coverage. The installation of this system has allowed our client to bring additional land into production without any further capital outlay in pumping infrastructure.